Our emotionally challenged media guys, can't even look beyond technical figures of excel sheets avalanched with numbers (That is - when they can drag themselves away from the tiresome media bashes and launches etc.!!!). Their otherwise normal day begins with negotiations and most definitely ends the same way. All said - we do manage to get the best rates possible. Jokes apart, our media buying savvy is part of folklore in the industry. And THAT is our biggest asset. Our planning and execution is based not merely on 'gut feel' but honed over the years with some of the most discerning clients in the business. Our immense experience is supplemented with fresh talent groomed by some of the most astute media heads in the business with proven results. A one-to-one relationship with the smallest to the largest media houses ensures that we get the most for the buck.


The brains behind the works, the ambience in our creative division, The Joots Paradigm Pvt. Ltd., is chaotic to say the least, but our work speaks louder than everything else. Our team of 'mavericks', are very efficient and conform to 'Deadlines'. Always ready to face any problem, head-on they see every task as a challenge. The result is obvious in each and every job undertaken, whether it is a simple logo or a nationwide campaign. You'll find the exact same level of dedication every time. Rest assured, our work will leave you in a state of absinthe.


A brilliant bunch when they can drag themselves away from their prized gizmos. Believe us when we say we have no idea when they find the time to rustle up the amazing stuff they do. They understand the nitty-gritty of the new age medium ~ be it a website, a digital campaign or an e-mailer. These digitally attuned fanatics go at it with the same gusto. These are people who believe they can change the world digitally … and if you ask us – they probably CAN!